How To Make A Visual Baby Monitor With Skype

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You do not want to miss out on baby’s cry when you are away from home where range is way too far to capture data. In order to be able to view whatever happens in your baby’s nursery when you are away from home, Skype can be of great help. Much as this should be an assurance for you to leave your baby home when you going far away, it will help to give you peace of mind during those emergency times where you simply cannot move with your baby but need to keep in view of them. Creating a visual baby monitor with Skype is not is quite easy but the guidelines that I will be giving you in this post will make it even much simpler and much faster for you.

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Set up the web cam: the very first thing you must do is set the web cam in perfect position where it can record the baby’s sound that is audibly and make sure it can clearly capture your baby visually.

Down load and install Skype on to your PC: you want to create an account just for the purpose of monitoring your baby so you will need to install Skype and these are the steps you can follow for that.

  • Begin by going to the Skype website and click on to the “Get Skype for desk top or tab or whatever else you use to Skype”
  • The next step will to save and let the Skype installation file run. Sometimes it will go right ahead while other times you might receive a message requesting you whether Skype installation should continue. In that case just click on the YES button in order to go ahead.
  • Choose the language you understand and read through the terms of use and privacy policy of Skype before you click next
  • Read information about the Skype click to call and read the Microsoft service agreement together with privacy policy.
  • At this stage Skype will have finished installing and you will be seeing the blue screen where you can sign in or create an account.
  • Create an account specifically for monitoring your baby even if you already have an existing Skype account.

Modify your Skype settings:you want to set Skype into capturing every moment of your little so this calls for customizing the settings.

  • Under tools, select options
  • When you go to general settings, you should first of all select “start Skype when I windows, it could be some other operating system so put the name of that particular system that you are using”
  • Look for video settings and choose receive video automatically and screen sharing but click on from people in my contacts list only.
  • Next will be privacy and in that section, select the option for allowing only people that are in your list of contacts. Thereafter go on and check the advanced options button.
  • On all the following settings just keep selecting only people in my list of contacts. Be very careful and alert on this part because it accounts a lot for the privacy of your child’s audios and videos. Any mistake will leak information out.
  • Go to the call setting option and choose allow only people in my list of contacts to call me. Go on and also press on the show advanced settings or options button.
  • In the advanced settings section, “automatically answer incoming calls” and also select “automatically start my video during a call or when am on a call”
  • When this is done look for the save button to save all the changes you just made. If you by any chance forget to save those changes, all your effort will be put to waste as you will have to go through the same long process again.
  • Include any other Skype account into contacts list, in this case if you already have a Skype account or you created one for your baby then add on the list of contacts.

Reduce the volume of your computer: whenever Skype turns on the computer will make a certain noise therefore to avoid interrupting your baby’s sleep endeavor to reduce the volume. However do not turn it down completely or too low to an extent that you will not be able to hear when it makes the notification.

Try to call on the Skype account you created for the baby: you need to know if what you did is actually working so call the baby’s account. It must receive or answer immediately and also begin the video there and then.


Keep the webcam from your baby’s reach as it may cause deadly accidents like choking. Your baby’s health is more important that the monitoring therefore make sure that the webcam placed somewhere she or he will not get to it.

Be extremely careful so that only people entrusted to you receive the videos and audios of your baby, these are very delicate issues that only people that you know perfectly should be seeing. This will help to keep your little one very safe.

Anyone that you feel should also view the baby should be added on the contacts list for example if you have sibling or it can even be your partner simply include them in the contacts list on baby’s account.

Instead of a computer that makes a really loud notification sound that will awake your baby, you could opt for a videophone it. It also works as perfectly as the webcam yet it does not produce that irritating loud sound.

Another alternative for the computer can be a smart phone, there are very many smart phones that capture a crystal clear video of your baby. Though with these you will to always leave it plugged to prevent it from blacking out when battery goes down always leave connected to Wi-Fi.

Always make sure that the webcam is positioned perfectly where it will be able to capture your baby’s video perfectly and also find out if nothing in the surrounding will obstruct its way. the goal of this to view your baby perfectly without a single hindrance getting in the way.

In conclusion, even if Skype is availing with every single detail in your baby’s nursery you ought to be there in person all the time so do ignore your responsibility.

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