Remington Mb-200 Titanium Mustache And Beard Trimmer Review

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Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard TrimmerThis Remington MB200 mustache and beard trimmer has been on the market for a while. I can’t categorize it as a new model of Remington, but still it holds a top position in male grooming products. It’s quite an affordable beard trimmer with very interesting features which you would find in a highly priced premium beard trimmer.

But still, this product can’t compete with some top models like Philips Norelco QT4070/41, it’s not washable, it has no turbo feature and so much more. So, to me it’s just a basic beard trimmer good for beginners and college students who want to save some cash. In this review we shall look into it’s pro, cons and features and finally see if it’s worth your investment.

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  • Cordless beard trimmer:- If you’re always on the move, you will find this product user friendly, because it can work while in a cordless mode. At least charge it fully before traveling, once the battery is full, you will get 60 minutes of nonstop usage. To keep the battery life & charge, I suggest you switch it off after shaving.
  • Removable head to trim beard edges:- This feature will give you the opportunity to get a relative close shave, it will also allow you to shape your mustache and side burn.
  • Easy to clean:- Once you’re done with grooming your beard / mustache, lift off the head and get rid of any hair clogged into the head, you can as well use a brush to clean the blades and the head perfectly. Please don’t run water over this trimmer, it’s not water proof.


  • Battery is not too strong:- Unlike the other beard trimmers I have reviewed on Yosaki, Remington MB-200’s battery life span is too short, many users have reported that their batteries died in a short period of 6 months, even though you might replace them, it’s not that easy. But judging from its price, I’m not surprised by this fault. It’s not that the product is not good, if I put all other factors into consideration, this Remington MB-200 is a very nice beard trimmer, however, it’s battery lowers down its rating.
  • Not a dual Voltage trimmer:- This might sound wired, but this small battery operated beard trimmer is not a dual voltage trimmer. If you check on its manual, you will see (120V ~ 60Hz 3W).



  • Features Titanium coated blades:- These self sharpening blades can trim any thick course long beard.
  • Maintenance free:- Not only do you save money when purchasing this trimmer, but at the same time, you will not spend a coin during it’s time of usage. This is because the trimmer needs no oiling or blade replacement, all you have to do is to charge it fully and get a clean beard trimmer any time you need it.
  • LED charging indicator:- Many of you will find this minor feature very essential, because it will clearly show the status of this beard trimmers battery, hence saving you from sudden battery disappointments. Once the battery goes down, the led light will beep / warn you in time, once it gets full, the led light will show that the battery is fully charged.
  • Features a wide blade:- You will get fast results, because this wide blade covers a wide area and at the same time it can trim your hairline and beard edges in no minute.

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer 3

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  • Adjustable Length Settings:- This beard trimmer has 9 length settings, this makes it even better than Wahl 9918-6171 beard trimmer which has only 6 length settings. So you can easily get the shortest stubble ever with this Remington MB-200. It’s built in guide comb will save you from attaching and detaching the comb as we saw with Wahl 9918-6171.


1: 1.5 mm / .06″

2: 2.5 mm / .10″

3: 4.0 mm / .16″

4: 5.5 mm / .22″

5: 7.0 mm / .28″

6: 9.0 mm / .35″

7: 11.0 mm / .43″

8: 14.0 mm / .55″

9: 18.0 mm / .71″

  • Adjustable Comb:- My first time to see this trimmer in a picture, I thought the comb is fixed to the head permanently, but after reading specs for this product, I noticed that you can glide the comb off and remain with sharp blades which give a real close shave. You can remove off the comb when you want a very short beard / stubble, when you want to trim your hairline and mustache. The beard comb will ensure that your beard is trimmed at the same level, because without this comb, it can be next to impossible to get an even beard.
  • Rechargeable:- This is a default feature, you will find it with each and every electric beard trimmer. This Remington MB-200 can be recharged is the battery goes down; it also has a led charging indicator to show you the status / level of your battery. But it’s charging time is quite long, so if you can’t wait for it to get full, you can use it while plugged into power and after that leave it in power to charge fully, this might take 5 – 8 hours of waiting time.
  • Trimming Chest hair: – Not every man has chest hair, but if you have it, you can use this trimmer to groom that chest hair. It will trim it well and leave it in shape; however, if you want a close shave, I suggest you use a safety razor / body groomer or an electric shaver. Trimmers are designed to leave on some hair; they don’t offer you with a close shave.
  • Comes with its own charger:- At least you don’t have to buy the charger separately, this will save you lots of cash. After making your order, Amazon will send you both the trimmer & its charger. It is better to charge it fully on day one before using it, but since its battery takes long to get full, I suggest you charge it at night when you’re going to bed.
  • Keeping your stubble very short:- I have seen many users complaining that they can’t use this Remington MB200 to get a very short stubble, this is because they leave that comb guide on, this guide will prevent you from getting a short stubble, so the best solution for this equation is to remove the comb guide, this will leave you with plain blades which can give you a super short stubble.
  • Warranty: – Unlike Wahl 9918-6171 which comes with 3 years warranty, this Remington MB-200 Titanium comes with a warranty of 2 years. But judging from its price, I guess 24 months warranty is a good deal, at least that will give you the opportunity to return it back to Remington and get a replacement. However, you have to handle the trimmer very well, because if you mishandle it, that warranty might not cover you.
  • Self- sharpening blades: – This is a very good feature, because you don’t have to buy new blades all the time, at least this will save you some cash. This Remington MB-200 sharpens its blades while in use; this will guarantee you with better results every time you use this product.

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer 2

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Nose Trimmer:- Your beards might grow faster than nose hair, but doesn’t mean that you should neglect your nose. Use a Panasonic nose trimmer; it will clean your nose without causing any irritation or pain.

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