ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Review

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ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Review

Today most people have less time for doing regular exercises because of the changing world environment and habits. So, most people have opted to using treadmills in order to improve fitness-lifestyles either at home or at the gym. The ProForm Pro 1000 is one of the best home-use treadmills that will help you achieve a more effective workout and this is mainly because this fitness-machine is equipped with several awesome features which include 22 built-in workout-programs, a powerful 3.0chp motor, heart-rate monitors and iFit-technology. All in all, if your need of a high-performance, entry-level treadmill then consider buying the ProForm Pro 1000 because it was designed to enable users meet their fitness-goals in a specified period of time.

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What We Like:

  1. ProShox Cushioning: Every ProForm Pro-1000 treadmill release is equipped with a ProShox-cushioning throughout the deck-area in order to provide the user with a comfortable walking and running environment. In fact, you can walk, jog or run on this treadmill without stressing your joints, feet, ankles, knees and hips. This means that you will be able to enjoy a longer-workout and faster recovery-time.
  1. A 3.0 CHP Mach-Z Commercial Motor: The ProForm Pro 1000 is equipped with a powerful Mach-Z Commercial-grade Motor that stays cool throughout the toughest workouts while creating high-levels of inertia in order to facilitate for a smooth and powerful feel as you workout. Additionally, this drive-motor is very silent when under operation thus promising a quiet in-home experience. On top of that, this motor is built with high-grade components which make it perfect for heavy-usage and it even backed by a lifetime motor-warranty.
  1. A Wide Treadbelt: the ProForm Pro-1000 Treadmill is designed with a roomy-deck with dimensions of 20-inch by 60-inch so that the user doesn’t feel confined as he/she walks, jogs and runs. In fact, the 60-inch length provides your legs with plenty of room to stretch-out your stride while the 20-inch width offers your upper-body sections with extra elbowroom. Additionally, each treadbelt is tested for one-million cycles at double the user-weight capacity before release thus making this treadmill highly durable and long-lasting.
  1. SpaceSaver-Design with an EasyLift-Assist: this treadmill actually folds up and out of the way when in-between workouts and this means that you will able to save a lot of space within your house especially for people living in areas with limited-space. On top of that, this treadmill features a built-in a powerful shock EasyLift-assist system that helps you lift the treadmill-deck with easily and quickly.
  1. An EKG Heart-Rate Monitor: the ProForm Pro-1000 is equipped with 2 hand-grip heart-rate sensors that are conveniently built into the handlebars and these actually enable the user to see his/her heart-rate zone at any point in his/her training in just a couple of seconds.
  1. A 0-to-12 MPH QuickSpeed: This treadmill was actually designed to enable users run to up to speeds of 12mph which is a great feature especially for people who love working-out at a faster pace. In fact, this treadmill features a bigger motor-size and a faster-flywheel-gear-ratio which enables it to reach top speeds of 12-mph while having a workout. Additionally, the convenient QuickSpeed-buttons allow you to adjust your intensity instantly so that you can be able to stay focused through every step-taken while working-out.
  1. 22 Workout-Apps/programs: When you step onto the ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill, you will get instant-access to 22 professional-training programs which are fully loaded in order to achieve an effective workout. In fact, with this treadmill you will be able to enjoy a challenging workout focused on your fitness-goals by simply selecting form any of the provided 22 workout-programs.
  1. A 6-inch Backlit Display: ProForm made sure that all your workout-stats are provided right in-front of you as you work-out by simply equipping this treadmill with 6-inch backlit-display which very clear and precise. In fact, with this backlit-display you will be able to watch your workout mileage, speed, calorie-burned, heart-rate and time so that you can easily monitor your fitness-progress.
  1. IFit Enabled: with iFit-technology, you can easily download a Google-Maps route or create your own workout-path in order to get a more effective workout. Additionally, since the ProForm Pro-1000 treadmill is iFit-enabled, it will automatically adjust the incline in order to simulate the selected terrain as you workout so that you can be able to achieve a more intense workout. In fact, iFit-technology will enable you to customize your training with workouts designed by certified personal-trainers. on top of that, you can access your iFit-account from your tablet or Smartphone but this requires membership which is sold separately.
  1. CoolAire Workout-Fan: the ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill also features an inbuilt workout-fan which helps to keep the user feeling cooling and comfortable as he/she works-out hence enabling them to reach their targets of fitness-goals easily.
  1. A 0-12 percent Quick-Incline Control: this treadmill can also be inclined for 0-to-12 percent in order to add some extra resistance to your everyday workout and this helps to burn-up more calories and even increases muscle-tone. In fact, the ProForm Pro-1000 features powered and automatic incline-adjustability while the Quick-incline control helps you to easily change the incline-level as you workout without any interference.
  1. A Built-in tablet holder: the ProForm Pro-1000 also features a built-in tablet holder which keeps your personal-tablet closer to you so that you can be able to see your favorite TV-shows and even keep fitness-apps close at hand while having a workout.
  1. An audio-port and speakers: the ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill is iPod and mp3-player compatible because it features an inbuilt audio-port while the included speakers provide you with rich sound while listening to music as your workout.
  1. A great warranty-period: this treadmill comes with a lifetime frame and motor Warranty coupled with a 3-Year Parts Warranty and a 1-Year Labor-Warranty.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s expensive: the ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill is abit expensive whereby it costs more than $1000 and this implies that some people looking for a simple home-use treadmill that is affordable may not consider buying the ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm Pro-1000 is an awesome commercial-grade treadmill that can also be used at home and this mainly because its equipped a number of great features which include iFit-technology, ProShox cushioning, a powerful motor-drive, Quick speed/incline buttons and over 22-workout-programs which are all designed to offer you with the most effective and comfortable workout experience that will enable you reach the desired fitness-goals.

ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Review

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