35 best toys for 15 year old girls – 2017 Selection

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Having a 15 year old girl is not that easy therefore any parent out there who has totally failed to understand her 15 year olds behaviors or even know the best toys to get for her, I can confidently say that you are in the right place. Here I will be explaining normal fifteen year old girls behavior and then give you a full list of the coolest toys to look out for. Girls at this age cherish their freedom more than anything else which is why they don’t usually include parents or elders in whatever they do reason being they feel they have the right to do anything they feel like doing without having to seek authority from anyone. They may not talk to you about everything that happens in their lives but it is very okay as long they don’t seem troubled and take good care of their responsibilities. At 15 are more excited about their fitness and keeping their bodies in shape and they overly mind about how to fit in with their peers and really love to socialize more so they spend most of their time doing activities that most of her peers engage in. With that said I will get straight into the toys that will perfectly suit into age.

  1. Kids Wood Guitar


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Encourage your child to pursue her talent in playing the guitar with the Getset2save kids’ wooden guitar. The guitar has strings made of real steel, they are of exceptional quality yet still very easy for little hands to strum. It is designed from genuine wood material and sized very perfect for kids’ little bodies to play with great comfort. This guitar will inspire your child to show off her super amazing talent while also showing off her new stunning musical instrument. It comes in a pink vinyl carrying case with two carrying options, a handle and shoulder strap for flexible and easy carrying and a side zipper. It also includes a spare set of steel strings to switch to in case the original ones on the guitar are spoilt.

  1. Chromo Inc 7′ Tablet


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Each and everything you ever wanted from a tablet is infused into the Chromo Inc 7 inch Tablet Google Android Touch screen tablet. This gorgeous slim device features a slim design that fits into larger pockets or a bag however its most outstanding feature is the extremely large 7 inch touch screen that lets kids enjoy every bit of it as they explore all the touch based interaction that it supports such as finger scrolling and pinch to zoom. It delivers the most amazing experience for communication, education, games and productivity among so many others all thanks to its super powerful processor that runs the Kitkat 4.4 operating system it is built with. Whether you want to take the best pictures, capture the coolest videos or enjoy the fun of chatting with friends, this Chromo inc tablet has you totally sorted with the 1.3MP webcam front facing camera for making video calls and rear facing camera for that captures photos and videos. It has 4GB internal memory and expandable memory of up to 32GB.

  1. Instant Film Camera


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Combining a great deal of new features, a slimmer and lighter weight body, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is the ultimate toy to get for your outgoing child. Compared to the mini 7S, the Instax mini 8 has been approximated to be a lot smaller both in ratio and volume which makes it much simpler to carry the camera to any desired destination. It indicates the recommended aperture setting by flashing an LED light but also allows the user to adjust its dial to required or recommended setting. It is designed with automatic exposure measurement which enables the child to take crystal clear pictures in each and every shot. The Instax mini 8 is also built with the high-key mode, a mode that is mean to help users take pictures that are brighter but with a soft look and the view finder which delivers improved viewing of pictures.

  1. Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Baby Grand with Bench


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For any little musician, the Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Baby Grand piano is a beautiful instrument to let her practice and show off her talent. It is made with a hinged lid to ensure that every time the piano is opened it plays the same beautiful sound, this lid also lowers and raises steadily to avoid the risk of your little ones getting her fingers banged. Adults too love playing this piano since it features three full octaves that enable it to quickly transform into an 88 key piano. The Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Baby Grand piano offers kids many hours of fun as they also learn about the basics of becoming a professional pianist. The piano is made of high quality engineered wood and beautifully detailed with shiny red finish to make the perfect addition to your home.

  1. Round Trampoline Set


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If you want the best trampoline for your 15 year old girl, don’t look further than the Best Choice Products’ 10 inch Round Trampoline set. This trampoline features a heavy duty UV resistant, fade resistant and water proof mat that is not only safe but also very durable. On the other hand its strong springs are coated with zinc which makes them rust resistant. This is the safest trampoline you will find on the market reason being it is made with steel tubing base measuring about 10feet detailed with padded cushion and surrounded with enclosure nets, all these features are to ensure maximum safety for kids as they play. This is the perfect way to get her off those electronic games and inspire her into trying out outdoor fun which is more engaging. It can hold up to 200lbs.

  1. Kids Smart Wrist Watch


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Neelam’s Y01 Real GPS WiFi LBS Tracker Kids Smart Wrist Watch is definitely the perfect watch that you should getting for your princess simply because it is much more than just a mere watch.  This has becomes parent’s favorite gadget as it enables them to know wherever she reached as soon as they play back a child’s walking routine. It supports three different positioning modes including Wi-Fi, GPS and LBS and with these you can always track the exact time and location of where she might be. This smart acts both as a cell phone that you can use to make and receive calls and also as remote voice monitor.  This watch also features the SOS emergency call function which alerts when your child is in trouble and an alarm system. This is the best way to always what is going on with your little one.

  1. Spikeball Combo Meal


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The usual sports also get boring at some point so why not try out something new with the Spike ball combo meal. This is a game mean for four players with two on each side and is played with the same rules as volleyball. The set includes a taut hula hoop-sized net and three balls, players are required to hit the ball down on to the net ensuring that it crosses over to the opponent’s side. On each side are required to only tap the balls three times before they cross it over to their opponents exactly like it is with volleyball and the team that scores 21 points first is considered the winner. This game is very versatile which is why it is recommended for athletes of all kinds, it is fun outdoors and indoors and is enjoyed both by kids and adults.

  1. Xbox 360 E 4GB Console


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Considering its value and price, one wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Xbox 360 with 500GB Console is a game worth spending some money on. Kids have a chance to try out thousands of games, watch the most interesting movies, catch up with their favorite television shows and other entertainment apps with just this one device. Xbox 360 has the biggest library of games which means that every other day your little one will have a new game to enjoy yet they enjoy from their own comfort. The entire package includes the 500GB Xbox console, Xbox 360 black controller, an AC power and full game digital download of Forza Horizon 2. There is just so much it offers for your child and the family as a whole to enjoy.

  1. Cool Cartoon Totoro Kids Backpack


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Get her excited about school and travels with the super cute cartoon back pack, with its cartoon character of  a bird this bag will make her the center of attention. It is a very fashionable bag made with a really lightweight that makes it very easy to carry, it is very soft as well and super convenient for almost all outdoor activities. But most importantly this bag has plenty of space to accommodate several items that your little one many choose to carry along such as pens, small books, a drink or snack and probably a fruit. It is made completely of natural fabrics that cause nothing like damage to the child’s skin. For added carrying convenience it has two carrying options, it can be carried either on the back or the shoulder with its adjustable shoulder strap.

  1. Waterproof Binocular


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Give her a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature and have a much more enjoyable experience watching car races and water sports with the Barska 10×25 Waterproof Binocular. No matter which weather condition it might be, this will be the perfect binocular reason being it is not just waterproof but also fog proof. The Barska binocular features a very appealing appearance in black and pink so kids can explore the outside world in style while the protective rubber cover keeps the binoculars perfectly protected from shock.  It comes with a neck strap for added convenience and travel case for those kids who are always on the go. With its compact design, lightweight and 10x magnification, the turns out t be the most perfect binocular to look out for.


  1. Puzzle Box for Kids


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At this age your little princess actually needs a lot more than just the normal gift which is why I recommend this gift holder puzzle box. This toy maze box is so much fun for kids, imagine the excitement of solving a challenge knowing it leads you to receiving your gift. Both kids and adults would love to have this gift on one of those extremely special days.

  1. Big White Teddy Bear


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But of course you will put a smile on her pretty face with this pair of adorable stuffed plush bears. These don’t stop at being super cute on the outside but they also sparkle with a very bright LED and even play music. The lovely white I love you bear will be great company for your little one when she goes to bed as it at the same time acts as a night light. They are only made from safe materials that don’t cause any kind of harm to your little one’s health. Your girl will fall completely in love with it since it is much more than just a staffed bear.

  1. Beats by Dr Dre Nicki Minaj Pill Wireless Speaker


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Tiny as it looks, the Pill Beats by Dr Dre wireless speaker produces unbelievable sound, if you want to enjoy booming, deep and high bass in each room of the house. This speaker doesn’t require cord and it is the smallest of the beats’ collection which is why kids love it, its portability is just amazing. With this speaker, you can change music from your Bluetooth enabled device even up to a distance of 30 feet. There is no need to carry the speaker around because wherever you will be you will have great sound close to you. This Pills speaker is also built with a microphone which makes talking on the phone simpler.

  1. Vanity Set with Stool


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Give her room the most elegant appearance with the Bobkona St. Croix Collection Vanity Set, this set includes table made from high quality engineered wood and detailed with classy white finish and a matching stool. The stool is well padded to deliver maximum comfort and surrounded in lavish fabric for a more plush appearance. It has a total of five drawers with four drawers on the sides and one long drawer in the middle to provide plenty of space for all her cosmetics, jewelry and several other beauty supplies. It comes with the necessary assembly instructions to make it easier to assemble. Her room will look splendid with this amazing set of furniture.

  1. Apple iPod Touch


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The Apple iPod Touch 16 GB Blue (5th Generation) MP3 Player flaunts a very stylish, ultrathin and brilliant design.  It has a four inch retina display infused with multi-touch IPS technology for an incredible experience as kids explore the different amazing features that the iPod has to offer. It also features a 1.2MP front facing time camera for capturing the most beautiful photos together with a 720p HP video recording camera. The 16GB iPod has plenty of storage space for all kids’ items and the fact that it is uses the most advanced operating system iOS they can enjoy imessage, face book integration, game center, face time and much more. This is definitely the perfect solution for entertaining your little one all through her free time.

  1. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter


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Cruising with the razor Euro-style electric scooters is an easy and fun way to take trips down to the store or tours all round the neighborhood. Besides the vintage inspired frame that many people have fallen in love with, this scooter also performs excellently thanks to the chain driven motor which enables it to go all the way to 15miles per hour. It performs with a pair of 12 inch pneumatic wheels, well padded seat and rear suspension system for quick and super comfortable rides. Featuring variable speed acceleration, kids can choose to ride however they want. Under the seat, is a hidden compartment where you can pack some of your favorite belongings that you will need to ride along with.

  1. Nintendo 2DS


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At such an affordable price, the Nintendo 2DS system offers all those incredible features that the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL have apart from the 3D viewing. By putting the power of two systems into one combined packaged means you will have lots more games to play and at the same time get in touch with friends and also connect with so many other players. From this system you can also access wireless hotspots making use of spot pass communication modes and wireless street pass  from which you will discover many more games and entertainment for little ones. For photos, games and many others enjoyable things, the Nintendo 2d system deliver the perfect experience.

  1. Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter


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Show off all the most eye catching skills and cruise all over pavements with the razor party pop kick scooter. It stands out with some really fun colors and 12 LED lights in several different colors. With the all new light up party pop the fun is not only about rolling around the streets but rather how the whole scooter lights up as soon she steps on its deck, she will get everyone’s attention wherever she goes on it. The razor party pop kick scooter features very colorful urethane wheels of great quality and non folding T-tube with very comfortable foam grips for the most enjoyable rides. They can make quick stops whenever they wish all thanks to the patented rear fender brake. With its lightweight kids can carry it away for storage when playtime is over on their own.

  1. The Resistance card game


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The resistance game is one challenging game that every child needs to try out to improve her critical thinking skills. Much as it has some resemblances with other games, this game has its own unique features that make it a lot more interesting for example it doesn’t need a moderator, no player get eliminated and play time of 30 minutes. The social deduction game is meant for not less than five players but not more than 10 players so it is great for your child to acquire some social and interaction skills. To win in this game one needs to be critical enough to tell lies to other playmates yet be sharp enough to know when someone else is telling lies. The resistance initiates different brave mission for making the government beg for mercy and therefore you must choose your team very well. Kids will enjoy each and every bit of this game.

  1. Sound Intone Portable Wired Kids Headphones


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With adjustability and comfort the Sound Intone I20 Lightweight Folding Kids Headphones stand out as the ultimate headphones for your little one. These headphones are made with a much smaller size that fits perfectly on kid’s small heads and are also detailed with an adjustable headband that makes it easier to adjust them as your child grows. The soft ear cushions are not only made for perfect fit and comfort but also for clearer sound even on the highest volume. These headphones are compatible with so many electrical devices such as iPhones, iPad, iPod, PSP and leap Pads among so many others. With their incredible sound quality and inbuilt microphone with a control button, they are perfect for making and receiving calls as well as playing and receiving calls. It comes with a foldable and tangle free thick braided single-side audio cable so they don’t easily get spoilt.

  1. Girl’s Inline Skates


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It is cool to see boys who know how to skate but when a girl knows how to skate it is a whole new different story, she will be the coolest of them all in the entire neighborhood. The Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates are perfect skates for both novices and experience skaters, they are designed with a very comfortable ankle boot which makes skating quite easy for anyone. The skates feature a convenient and easily accessible button for adjustment to any size that fits most perfectly and comfortably.  It has dual straps for added security and protection since it adjusts from 5 to 8. Its wheels are 64mm with ABEC-5 bearing hence making these the most ideal skates for outdoor play. They are made of great quality, don’t cost much yet they leave room for your little one to grow so all in all we can clearly say that the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates are great value.

  1. Swivel Screen Portable DVD-CD-MP3 Player


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Your little one doesn’t have to put up with the boredom during those really long travels anymore because the Sylvania 9-Inch Swivel Screen Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player will be her perfect companion. This SDVD9020 delivers several hours of play all thanks to its long lasting in built battery that offers up to 5 hours of extended battery life. It has a very sleek design for added portability, you can therefore easily carry it to wherever you want while the wide 9 inch screen delivers crystal clear images for a perfect viewing experience. Because it is super easy to use, kids can catch a movie as soon as they get the player out of its package. It comes with an AC and car adaptor, stereo earphones stereo audio output, remote control and user manual. This is a multi digital file reader with 360 degree angle view to let you watch from any direction.

  1. Two-Way Radio


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For those kids who are outdoor fanatics, Motorola’s Talk about MH230R is a perfect communication tool to make them enjoy what they love to do even much more. Given its really powerful range of about 23 miles the radio is great for keeping friends and family member in close contact whether they are playing in the back yard or doing shopping in one of those huge malls. It features as many as 22 channels with each channel having 121 privacy codes therefore it is never difficult to find an available channel with this pair of communication tools. They run on an 8 hour rechargeable battery, it is lightweight for kids to easily run around with and comes with several accessories including a charging adaptor, dual drop in charger, and two belt clips.

  1. Syma X11 R/C Quadcopter


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Since it moves forward and backward, left and right, up and down plus sideward with 360 eversion at two different speeds, the Syma X11 qualifies to be a must have toy for any fifteen year old girl. The four channel remote control quad copter uses 6-Axis stabilization system to remain very flexible and stable throughout the whole flight. It comes with a 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology remote controller that delivers maximum control of the drone to the user without interruptions. It offers two different speeds, therefore starters can learn with the slower speed while experienced users can perform tricks and enjoy more with the high speed. With charge time of about 40 minutes the drone can go for about 5-7 minutes at a distance of 40 meters. Aero photography will definitely be fun with such a smart quad copter.

  1. Aoneky Lightweight Jump Rope for Kids


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With the Aoneky Lightweight Jump Rope it is now possible for her to cut off some weight in a fun and very stylish way. Because hands tend to get too sweaty as you jump, this rope is wisely made with anti-slip foam grip handles which are not only comfortable but also prevent the tendency of the rope slipping through your hands more often especially when they begin to sweat. This rope’s handles are tightly attached to the rope just to avoid the possibility of them flying away while your jump. In its outstanding yellow color, it would make the perfect rope for both school going kids and women and because it is about 9.8feet tall it can be used even by people who are as tall as 6 feet. Its length is however easily adjustable, you can always adjust it to a height that is most appropriate whenever you feel like.

  1. Kid’s Portable Adjustable 58-inch Height Metal Basketball Stands


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You can motivate your child into improving her basketball skills through the XuHe Kid’s Portable Adjustable Basketball set. For any growing kids this set really gives them the inspiration to engage more and more into sports with its outstanding graphics and stylish design. They will be able to teach themselves some incredible hooping skills both outdoors and indoors when the weather outside is not so convenient. This kit includes a smaller ball compared to the real basketball, a larger rim which makes it easy for kids to score and a ball bump. Its basket ball hoop can be adjusted to different heights between 2-4feet depending the child’s level of skill. Its backboard is made from high quality plastic and to increase stability it is important to weight the hoop’s base with water or sand.

  1. Disney Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna Girls Hair Brush


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Every little girl will love to comb her hair with Disney’s Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna Girls Hair Brush. The super cute comb is appropriate for use on all types of hair since it is non-static and doesn’t cause any harm to the hair. It is a really durable comb designed beautifully in pink color and two of Disney princesses Elsa and Anna. It features an ergonomic handle which makes it easier for those small hands to use and reach each and every part of the hair without difficulty. The anti-static brush has perfectly arranged bristles to prevent tagging and pulling of hair but rather to enable the brush glide very smoothly through the hair. She will be able to create her favorite hairstyles with the cute hair brush.

  1. Disney Frozen Stampers Party Favors


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Spice up her party with the Disney Frozen Stampers Party Favors, the packages comes with 10 stampers detailed with different several Disney characters. All the favors come sealed in plastic bags, it is much recommended to keep kids under supervision as they play with these party favors.

  1. Super Girl Secret Storage Box


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You can as well try out the super girl secret storage box, standing at about 7.5 inches tall this box comes with faces that are interchangeable depending on how which one your little princess prefers the most. Girls overly love the DC collectibles Best friends forever which this secret box brings to reality. This would be such a unique gift to get for your little princess.

  1. Doctor Who Paint-Your-Own TARDIS Ceramic Bank


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It is high time you moved away from the old fashioned TARDIS and started creating your own, with design from your own imagination, I am certain this sounds like a lot of fun. This Doctor who paint your own TARDIS ceramic bank includes a ceramic money bank that is totally blank TARDIS without any painting at all, it includes a paint brush, paint, stickers and other such accessories that your child will require to personalize and come up with her own TARDIS. This is a very challenging but exciting adventure to help keep your little girl occupied for some good number of hours. The money bank TARDIS is approximated to measure about 8 and half inches tall.

  1. Disney Youth Frozen Discovery Kit Tent


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For all the kids that love camping I can assure that there is no gift better than this Disney Youth Frozen Discovery Kit Tent. The Frozen discovery kit is made up of sling pack back pack, tent and poles it basically includes all the essential camping items. It has a mesh ceiling and rain fly for added breathability as well as fiber glass poles which make setting up the tent a matter of minutes. Hanging out in such a beautiful tent will definitely make your camp enjoyable, it comes in outstanding blue and pink colors and detailed with the sisters Anna and Elsa and snow white. Even kids that don’t like camping will be inspired to try it out if they have a tent that looks this pretty.

  1. Disney Frozen Pink Table Lamp


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Add some spark to your child’s room with the Disney Frozen Pink Table Lamp, it comes ready to use so it doesn’t require assembly at all, you can start using it as soon it is removed from its package. With the dark pink and graphics of Disney princesses Anna and Elsa and this design has made it a favorite for so many young girls. This lamp works with a 40 watt bulb, the manufacturer advises that you shouldn’t use any bulb that is above 40watts. Kids can easily turn the lamp on and off since it is made with an easy pull chain.  As soon it is removed from its package it will be more than ready to light up your little one’s room, it can be for her bedroom or playroom.

  1. Marianne Girl’s Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box


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Knowing how much your little girl treasures her jewelry it is quite obvious that she will love the Mele & Co. Marianne Girl’s Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box. This jewelry looks so good on any table top yet it also keeps her most treasured belongings very safe. With its ivory finish, the box perfectly matches with the rest of the décor in your girl’s room it has a main compartment with a lift up lid which when opened exposes a mirror and rotating ballerina beautifully dressed in tulle fabric tutu.  It also features a drawer on the bottom which easily opens with a wooden drawer pull. The main compartment is divided up into sections to make it easier to for little ones to arrange their items in the box.

  1. Complete Cruiser Bike


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Cruise out in style on the streets and neighborhood on the Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Della Cruz Complete Cruiser Bike. The bike features a high tensile steel frame and 24 inch wheels which all together make the bike extremely durable. Kids mostly love its super stylish classic cruiser tank top tube design, a design that makes the bike very outstanding. It also has a chain guard and fenders which protect you from dust, dirt and puddles as you ride. On this bike she will be the coolest of all kids in the neighborhood and at school with that surf inspired frame detailed with powder blue finish and white wall décor rims. I don’t doubt that she will love this bike on first sight.

  1. HP Chromebook


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Your princess is guaranteed to have the best from Google with this super stylish, slim and incredibly fast notebook. This Hp chrome book is infused with the latest intel processor to provide the user with whatever they need from wherever whether it is at school, home or during travels. It has storage capacity as huge as 100GB which is more than enough for you to store all files conveniently. There is totally no limit to our streams, chats, or searches all thanks to its extremely powerful battery that lasts for hours and hours before running out or requiring recharge. This chrome book stands out from so many others with its extremely unique, slim and light design. It features Chrome OS which is very important for essential features like media player, file manager and internet browsing, with it your web is very secure, fast and a lot simpler to use.  This is definitely the ultimate device for anyone who teen looking out for style.

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